Names for unmarried men would be bachelor, single. Positive Connotations: Independence, freedom, adventurous, a choice and a focusing on personal pursuits or career. Negative Connotations: Not wanting to be in a committed relationship, and reluctance to settle down. Names for an unmarried woman would be bachelorette, spinster ,and single. Positive Connotations: Independence, empowerment, a choice, and focusing on the pursuit of personal goals or career. Negative Connotations: An indicator that something maybe wrong with her (undesirable), loneliness, feeling powerless, a failure, and not fitting the tradition adult description, and not fitting to be associated to hang out with married women. As for gender and power, these terms reflect the societal expectations and expectations related to marriage. In the past, there has been a perception that men are more socially acceptable if they remain unmarried for a longer period, focusing on independence and career goals. However, societal expectations for women have often included a notion that marriage is a primary objective.