1. The chapter on time management describes priority setting as a critical step in good time management.  Give an example where you personally or have seen a leader fall into one of the time wasters described in the chapter-why did this behavior create time waste?  What are some strategies you have developed to minimize wasted time and analyze how might you apply these?

2. The text states that fiscal planning should reflect the organizations philosophy, goals and objectives.  What evidence of this have you discovered in your employment?

3. Briefly describe your experience or exposure to health care finances.  Evaluate how this has this helped you in being more conscious of balancing cost and quality?

4. Develop a career map for your 5, 10 and 20 year career goals. See learning exercise in Chapter 11 for more details.  You may wish to “Google” 
Career Map for some ideas. (application)

5. Analyze the benefits of creating a resume. (analysis).   Appraise steps (if any) you have made towards building your resume such as what can/should be included (evaluation)