Please complete each of the following activities and remember to proofread your work before submitting.

1.  Choose a theme or topic that is appropriate for preschool children (ages three to five). Using the blank activity plan attached to this module, complete an activity plan for this theme/topic. (You may look at the attached sample activity plan if you need help with how to complete this assignment.)  35 points

You will need to use your Foundations for Early Learning Manual to find the standards for each activity.  25  points

2.  Choose one of the activities in your activity plan and write a detailed lesson plan (see attached lesson plan template and sample lesson plan). Use the format found in the sample lesson plan (attached) to create your lesson plan. The lesson plan should include the Foundations standard you used for this activity on your activity plan. 40 points

Both the activity plan and lesson plan should be submitted on Blackboard, preferably as one document.