1. Benefit of certification

2. Certification Description: 

Details about certification:

· Process to obtain clinical certification

· Cost of application and testing

· Requirements prior to certification

. Details about certification:

· Examination description

· Renewal time and process

· Required items for renewal 

Problem Description

3. Problem Statement:

Knowledge deficit r/t __________________certification among __________(target population and setting) as manifested by ___________________(patient outcomes).

Explanation of Problem Statement

Why was this certification selected?

Why are nurses not knowledgeable about the certification?

Scholarly Article Key Points 

Description should include

Summarize the key points from the selected peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article. Connect article to patient outcomes, certification, and leadership skills

Reminder: Use bullet points

Reminder: Use bullet points

1-2 slides

The conclusion should include a brief overview of Clinical Certification

Problem Description

Scholarly Article Key Points

Scholarly Article Connection

Summary of What was Learned 

1-2 slides