Week 5 Discussion: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Nursing Leadership

Discussion Overview: Project Implicit is an international collaborative group of researchers interested in implicit social cognition. The Project Implicit website offers an Implicit Association Test (IAT) from a list of possible topics. For this week’s discussion, visit the website 

 and choose a topic to investigate your own implicit bias.  Click Project Implicit Featured Task to take an available test.  There is no need to create a login.

Note: You are not required to share your results, please do so only if you feel comfortable discussing them in a group setting.

Discussion Prompts: After completing the exercise, reflect upon a situation where you became aware of your own implicit bias or developed awareness of someone else’s implicit bias.

· How has your awareness of implicit bias evolved?

· How does this implicit bias impact the delivery of care, and communication within the interdisciplinary team?

· What is one leadership strategy that you could employ to demonstrate cultural humility and positively impact the situation to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion?

All sources used in discussion post(s) include properly formatted APA in-text citation(s) and full reference(s).

Posts contain proper spelling and grammar. Student organized the content, the flow was logical and clear, including the use of professional language.

Student’s writing is supported with at least one scholarly source in the initial answer post. Examples of scholarly sources are journal articles, assigned readings, textbooks, lectures, course materials, or authoritative websites.