Make your Initial Post by answering one or more of the four items below.

1.  Select case study 7.1 (p. 170) or case study 8.1 (p. 196). 

Describe course concepts from Chapters 1-8 that are present in the case study you selected. 

How are the concepts used in a positive or negative manner in the case study?  How might these concepts be valuable to your personal growth as a leader. 

You do not have to have something from every chapter but provide a thorough overview.

You do not have to answer the questions at the end of each case study. They may though, prove useful to highlight chapter concepts for your writing.

2.  Complete the Leadership Vision Questionnaire on p. 176.   What surprises you regarding your scores?  Did you receive scores that you expected?  How might you use this information moving forward?

3.  How might you use the course concepts outlined in Chapters 7 and 8 in your daily interactions with friends and family?  Explain how these concepts can help you influence progress on family activities or projects you work on with friends.

4.  What was the most surprising insight you discovered from Chapters 7 or 8?  Why was it surprising and how may it be useful for you?