As you learned in the CPG 201 document, Step 2 of the THIRA process involves the further development of risks previously identified (in Step 1) by providing context descriptions. 

• Context descriptions are details provided for each risk based on time, location, and magnitude used to estimate the impacts of each risk. Context descriptions provide decision-makers with a deeper understanding of the risks previously identified in Step 1.


To complete Step 2 of the THIRA process, you will need to fill in the missing information associated with each of the risk items (remember, there were 20 risk items previously reported from Step 1 of the THIRA, so you will review the same risk items for Step 2). Review the train derailment scenario again and fill in the missing information in the worksheet. 

• Context descriptions are provided, and you will be required to complete the entry by entering information related to time, location, and magnitude. 

• Keep in mind that there are many correct answers for some of the times, locations, and magnitudes for the risk items. Therefore, use your best judgment to provide an accurate or appropriate time, location, or magnitude for the risk items. 


• Context descriptions 

o Fill in the missing information for the 10 risk items that are incomplete. 10 points for each correct answer, with a total possible score of 100 points earned. 

o Some of the risk items have been completed for you to give you a working idea of how to choose an appropriate time, location, or magnitude.

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