Your discussion posting should include the following:1) Should answer the chosen question from the listing below (2 marks)2) Should tie in materials from the assigned readings for that topic (2 marks)3)  A reference list in APA format listing all references used in your response (1 mark)

  1. Unit 5: Food Safety

Food safety is important for everyone to be aware of. After reading through the information on  discuss 2 food safety at home tips that surprised you, including details on the changes you will now make at home to lower your risk of food borne illness.


  1. Unit 6: Food Processing

Irradiation of food, also commonly called cold pasteurization, is one way to make our food supply safe by destroying harmful microbes without significantly lowering the nutritional quality of the food. Many Canadians are skeptical about the use of this technology on our food. Do you agree with this opinion? If yes, please discuss 2 concerns you have regarding the safety of irradiated foods. If not, discuss 2 points you would make to convince a friend that they should also not be concerned?