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As the Health IT Director at Trident Hospital, you have been asked to  create a mobile Health (mHealth) app for patients at the hospital. The  app is to be designed to engage patients about their visit to Trident  Hospital, how they can access relevant health information through the  patient portal, and how they use the mHealth to retrieve relevant  educational material about their health condition.

Prior to developing the mHealth app, you need to create a table that  contains a list of all the standards that are required. This mHealth  application will have connectivity to the Trident Hospital as well.

Utilize the following websites to help you understand the type of  data elements (standards) that you will need for your table. Do not copy  and paste the standards from the websites into your paper.

Mobile Health Standards and Architecture

Device Software Functions Including Mobile Medical Applications

Llorens-Vernet P, & Miró J. (2020) Standards for mobile health–related apps: Systematic review and development of a guide. JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth 8(3):e13057  doi: 10.2196/13057. PMID: 32130169. PMCID: 7078629. Available in the Trident Online Library.

Kruse, C. S., Smith, B., Vanderlinden, H., & Nealand, A. (2017). Security techniques for the Electronic Health Records. Journal of Medical Systems, 41(8).

Thompson, M.P., & Graetz, I. (2018) Hospital adoption of  interoperability functions. Healthcare, 7(3)100347. ISSN 2213-0764, Available in the Trident Online Library.

Brooks, P. (2017). Midwest (MWAIS) 5-2010 Standards and  Interoperability in Healthcare Information Systems: Current Status,  Problems, and Research Issues.  

Promoting Interoperability Programs Website.

Expert Solution Preview

When developing a mobile health (mHealth) app for patients at Trident Hospital, it is crucial to consider the standards that need to be followed. These standards ensure that the app is secure, interoperable, and provides accurate health information to the patients. In order to create a table containing a list of required standards, it is important to understand the relevant data elements. The following websites can be utilized to gather information about the standards without copying and pasting them directly.

To create a table of all the required standards for the mHealth app at Trident Hospital, it is essential to consider various sources of information. The first source is the paper titled “Standards for mobile health–related apps: Systematic review and development of a guide” by Llorens-Vernet P. and Miró J. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the standards needed for mobile health apps.

Another valuable resource is the article by Kruse C.S., Smith B., Vanderlinden H., and Nealand A. titled “Security techniques for Electronic Health Records.” This article focuses on the security aspects that need to be addressed while developing the mHealth app, ensuring the protection of patients’ health information.

Additionally, the article by Thompson M.P. and Graetz I. titled “Hospital adoption of interoperability functions” is a valuable source of information. This article discusses the importance of interoperability in healthcare settings, providing insights into the standards required for seamless data exchange between different systems.

Furthermore, the paper by Brooks P. titled “Midwest (MWAIS) 5-2010 Standards and Interoperability in Healthcare Information Systems: Current Status, Problems, and Research Issues” can offer valuable information about the specific standards and interoperability issues in healthcare information systems.

Lastly, the Promoting Interoperability Programs website can provide additional resources and guidelines related to the standards required for mHealth apps in healthcare settings.

By reviewing and incorporating the information from these sources, a comprehensive table of all the necessary standards can be created to guide the development of the mHealth app at Trident Hospital.

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