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Listen to “Can a Growth Mindset Help Students Achieve Their Potential?” in  APA’s Speaking of Psychology Podcast Series

  1. Based on the information provided by Dr. Yeager, which group of students in the US seem to benefit the most from having a growth a mindset? Explain why this seems to be the case. (.20)

When you were transitioning to taking college courses, did you have a growth mindset? If so, how did it impact your academic performance and the choices regarding courses that you decided to take so far? (. 15)

Based on the information provided by Dr. Yeager , what type of a role educators play in promoting a growth mindset approach to learning? (.15)

Listen to “How Social Media Affects Teens’ Mental Health?” in  APA’s Speaking of Psychology Podcast Series

Based on the information provided by Dr. Charmaraman,  does social media use impact teenage boys and girls similarly? Briefly explain. (.25)

  1. At what age do you think it would be okay for kids to have a social media account? Briefly explain. (.25) 

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In this response, I will be addressing the questions related to the provided content, which consists of two episodes from APA’s Speaking of Psychology Podcast Series. The first episode discusses the impact of having a growth mindset on students’ potential, while the second episode explores the effects of social media on teenagers’ mental health. I will provide my insights and answers to each question separately.

Answer 1:
Based on the information provided by Dr. Yeager, the group of students in the US that seem to benefit the most from having a growth mindset are those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds or face various challenges in their educational journey. This is because having a growth mindset, which involves believing in the ability to develop skills and intelligence through effort and perseverance, can help these students overcome obstacles and strive for academic success. With a growth mindset, these students are more likely to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and view failures as opportunities for learning and growth. The belief in their own potential, combined with hard work, can ultimately lead to improved academic performance and achievements.

Answer 2:
When I was transitioning to taking college courses, I did have a growth mindset, and it positively impacted my academic performance as well as my choices regarding courses. Having a growth mindset allowed me to approach challenges and setbacks with a belief that I can improve and succeed through effort and dedication. This mindset influenced my study habits, as I focused on developing strategies for learning and understanding the material rather than just memorizing it. It also encouraged me to seek opportunities for growth, such as taking more challenging courses or participating in additional academic activities. Overall, having a growth mindset facilitated my motivation, resilience, and commitment to my academic goals.

Answer 3:
Based on the information provided by Dr. Yeager, educators play a significant role in promoting a growth mindset approach to learning. They have the power to shape students’ beliefs and attitudes by fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Educators can encourage a growth mindset by providing constructive feedback that focuses on effort and improvement rather than solely on outcomes or grades. They can emphasize the idea that intelligence and abilities are not fixed, but can be developed through practice and perseverance. Additionally, educators can reinforce the importance of setting realistic goals and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. By cultivating a classroom culture that values effort, learning from mistakes, and continuous improvement, educators can effectively promote a growth mindset among their students.

Answer 4:
Based on the information provided by Dr. Charmaraman, social media use does not impact teenage boys and girls in the same manner. Dr. Charmaraman highlights the differences in how boys and girls engage with social media platforms and the potential impact on their mental health. For instance, teenage girls may experience higher levels of stress and negative body image due to the comparison and self-presentation pressures created by social media. On the other hand, teenage boys may face different challenges related to self-esteem and mental health, such as seeking validation through likes and shares, exposure to cyberbullying, or the influence of harmful content. Therefore, while both boys and girls are affected by social media, the specific consequences may vary based on gender-related factors and social dynamics.

Answer 5:
Determining an appropriate age for kids to have a social media account is a complex issue and can depend on various factors. It is essential to consider both the potential benefits and risks associated with social media use. In general, I believe that it is important for kids to have a solid foundation of digital literacy skills and understanding of online safety before engaging in social media platforms. This can be influenced by their cognitive and emotional development, maturity, and ability to navigate the online world responsibly. Additionally, parental guidance and supervision are crucial in determining the appropriate age for kids to have a social media account. Parents should have open and ongoing conversations with their children about the potential risks and benefits of social media, while ensuring that their online activities align with their developmental needs and overall well-being.

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