Feedback: Beautiful day, Hope you and loved ones well! Overall, good points discussed! Please see my feedback below. Please let me know questions, clarifications needed; Ill gladly address! Feedback: -as last sentence in first paragraph, add a purpose sentence like … The purpose of this discussion is to…; -check paragraph indenting; -references need to be APA; -add Department of Nursing in front of St Thomas University; -include more cited references; and, -spell out abbreviations first usage. You and loved ones please stay safe and well! Enjoy today! Blessings.

Expert Solution Preview

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your suggestions and will take them into consideration when designing future assignments and evaluations.

Regarding the points you raised:
– Adding a purpose sentence in the last sentence of the first paragraph: Thank you for the suggestion. I will ensure that the purpose of the discussion is clearly stated in the introduction of the assignment.
– Checking paragraph indenting: I will review the formatting of the paragraphs to ensure proper indentation.
– Using APA format for references: I apologize for the oversight. In future assignments, I will make sure to adhere to APA guidelines when referencing sources.
– Including the Department of Nursing in front of St. Thomas University: Thank you for pointing that out. I will ensure that the full name and relevant department are included in the assignment.
– Including more cited references: I agree that providing a variety of cited references enhances the validity and depth of the content. I will make sure to incorporate a wider range of sources in future assignments.
– Spelling out abbreviations on first usage: I understand the importance of clarifying abbreviations for better comprehension. I will ensure that all abbreviations are spelled out and defined upon first usage in the assignment.

I appreciate your dedication to providing feedback and helping improve the quality of the assignments. If you have any further questions or suggestions, I am always open to discussion. Thank you again, and I wish you and your loved ones safety and well-being.