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What resources will need to be put in place to ensure that your change project is sustainable at the organization after you leave? Who should you leave in charge of the change after you leave, and why? What information will you provide?

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To ensure the sustainability of a change project in an organization after leaving, it is crucial to establish proper resources, designate responsible individuals, and provide necessary information. This ensures that the project can continue to progress and achieve its goals in the long run. By implementing these measures, the organization can effectively embrace and maintain the change initiated.

1. Resources:
To ensure the sustainability of the change project, the following resources should be put in place:

a) Financial resources: Adequate funding should be allocated to support the ongoing implementation of the project. This could include budget provisions for infrastructure, training, technology, and any other necessary expenses.

b) Human resources: Identifying and training a dedicated team who will be responsible for driving the change forward is essential. This team should possess the required skills and knowledge to handle the project effectively. Additionally, ensuring that there is a succession plan in place for future team members is crucial to maintain continuity.

c) Technological resources: Implementing and optimizing necessary technological tools to support the change project is vital. This may include software systems, data management solutions, communication platforms, or other relevant technologies.

d) Time resources: Allocating sufficient time for the team to work on the project and regularly review progress is necessary for sustainability. This allows for continuous refinement and adaptation as needed.

2. Designating a Responsible Individual:
Leaving someone in charge of the change project after departure is crucial for its sustainability. This individual should possess the following qualities:

a) Leadership skills: The designated person should be capable of leading and motivating the team to ensure the project’s continued success. They should have the ability to make informed decisions, delegate tasks, and manage resources effectively.

b) Expertise and knowledge: The responsible individual should possess a deep understanding of the change project and its objectives. This will enable them to address any challenges that may arise and guide the team accordingly.

c) Continuity mindset: Choosing someone who is committed to the organization’s long-term goals and understands the importance of sustaining the change is essential. This individual should prioritize the project’s success and be willing to invest time and effort into achieving it.

d) Collaboration and communication skills: The designated person must effectively collaborate with stakeholders, team members, and other relevant parties. They should be capable of providing regular updates, soliciting feedback, and addressing concerns to ensure smooth progress.

3. Providing Information:
When transitioning out of the organization, it is vital to provide comprehensive information for the designated person to take over effectively. This includes:

a) Project documentation: All project-related documents, including plans, objectives, strategies, and timelines, should be readily available and accessible.

b) Lessons learned: Sharing insights gained during the project’s implementation, including successes, challenges, and strategies for overcoming obstacles, allows the designated person to navigate potential pitfalls.

c) Stakeholder information: Providing an overview of key stakeholders, their roles, interests, and level of involvement ensures the designated person can continue building and nurturing relationships.

d) Ongoing support: Offering post-departure support, such as periodic consultations or check-ins, can help address any questions or concerns that arise during the transition.

To ensure the sustainability of a change project in an organization after departure, it is essential to establish the necessary resources, designate a responsible individual, and provide comprehensive information. By doing so, the organization can maintain the momentum of the change project and continue progressing towards its intended outcomes even after you leave.

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