LDR 615 Grand Canyon University Organizations Culture & Burnout Among Employees Essay

Please complete both parts…

Part 1. Consider an organization in your field or industry. Describe the essential systems necessary to facilitate continuous change without compromising quality or causing burnout among employees. Describe three factors to consider when making sure that the changes made become permanently imbedded in the organization’s culture.

Part 2. What is your reaction to change in your personal history? What personal tools do you implement to help yourself navigate change?

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As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and answers for medical college students, it is important to understand the systems necessary to facilitate continuous change in an organization without compromising quality or causing burnout among employees. It is also crucial to know how the changes can be permanently embedded in the organization’s culture. Furthermore, personal reactions to change, and how individuals navigate during such times, is a crucial aspect to analyze.

Part 1:
To facilitate continuous change without compromising quality or causing burnout among employees, an organization needs to have certain essential systems in place. These systems include effective communication channels, a culture that encourages and embraces change, and a clear and transparent performance management system. An organization should have open communication channels that facilitate the communication of change objectives, deadlines, and feedback. Each employee should understand their role and responsibilities during the change process.

Three essential factors to consider when ensuring that changes made are permanently embedded in an organization’s culture include change management buy-in from all employees, establishing a culture of change, and ensuring effective change training. Employees should buy-in to the need for change and participate actively in the process. Change management should work with everyone in the organization to ensure that change becomes ingrained in the culture. Employees should also be adequately trained to adapt to the new system effectively.

Part 2:
Personal reactions to change depend on an individual’s personality or experience. Change can be exciting or stressful depending on the situation. Personally, I have learned that change is inevitable and it is better to embrace it with a positive attitude. To navigate change, I usually find solace in talking with colleagues, family, and friends. I also research and analyze the circumstances that brought about the change. Developing a positive mindset and carrying out regular meditation and reflection practices helps me remain grounded and centered during the change process.

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