Frederick Douglass The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.

Chapters to read and use: First Part—Chapters 1—21 and Second Part—Chapters 1—12. (Total of 33 chapters)Look for First Part and Second Part in the Table of ContentsINSTRUCTIONS.1. The paper should be typed.2. Double-space it; 10 or 12 font size.3. Use one inch margin space on all four sides.

4. The length of the paper should have a minimum of 7 complete pages.5. You have to upload your paper on to Canvas.6. DO NOT USE QUOTES FROM THE BOOK. WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF YOU DIRECTLY QUOTE FROM THE BOOK.7. Answer the question completely in an essay format. Write in paragraphs. Do not number your paragraphs.8. Organize your paper in your own style. Answer the questions in any order you like.9. Use a spell-checker to check spellings. Points will be deducted for spelling errors

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