What are your emotional reactions to the article? Which

*What are your emotional reactions to the article? Which arguments/examples are most compelling? Are there parts of the article that you feel are problematic or poorly argued? What, if any, criticisms do you have of the article? *What does this article have to say about the nature of children’s mental health services? How much does it change your view of children’s mental health and the way we treat behavioral and mental health needs of children and families?

*The article focuses on children’s mental health and services, but do you see lessons in the article for how you might assess and treat children here in the U.S. from the perspective of culturally competent practice? What, if anything, might you do differently in your practice after reading this article? create two driving questions (NO MORE!) for students from their reaction paper. Each member should share their two questions with all group members prior to the panel discussion to prepare the panel. Each question should include a brief rationale of 2-3 sentences for its importance for understanding the topic.


Mental Health Beliefs and Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Services in Youth Aging out of Foster Care Christina Sakai, MD; Thomas I. Mackie, MPH, PhD; Rashmi Shetgiri

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