Nineteenth Century US Newspapers Book reviews were published in many newspapers and magazines in the 19th century. Several databases give you direct access to them and can help you find reviews of Bellamy’s novel — as well as discussions of Bellamy Clubs and the movement of “Nationalism” which he inspired. You might want to look at the following:    

Nineteenth Century US Newspapers 19th Century U.S. Newspapers is a full-text searchable database of primary sources consisting of more than 500 newspapers and 1.8 million pages. Coverage spans the entire 19th century, a time of extraordinary change socially, politically and culturally. Every aspect of society and every region of the nation is found in the archive — rural and urban, large cities and small towns, coast to coast, etc. Includes major newspapers as well as those published by African Americans, Native Americans, women’s rights groups, labor groups, the Confederacy, and other groups and interests. New York Historic Newspapers: Excellent gateway to millions of pages of old NYS newspapers. You can search newspapers all over the state, by key words, adding date ranges — and also by counties and cities if you wish. Additional information on this assignment — and additional databases you might want to search — will be provided to you by your discussion section instructor. For good essay writing advice, see: ELEMENTS OF GOOD WRITING

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