Introduction to Social Work: Analyse the main factors in the

Task 1: (word limit 650-700 words) This task will be produced in a short essay format. The essay will provide information for people that are interested in the development of social work in the United Kingdom from 1834 onwards. Title of the essay: The Emergence Of The Discipline Of Social Work Students should provide an introduction to the essay with a word limit of 60 words The main body of the essay should include separate paragraphs on each of the following;

• Analyse the main factors in the development of social work (eg, the implementation of the Welfare State and the NHS & Community Care Act 1990). This should include a range of common themes that link to the development of social work. (eg. Assessment of eligibility for services and social work education). Students should analyse why each of the themes chosen have been important in the development of the profession? (A.C.1.1. 300 words)

• Explain the main changes that have taken place in the role of the social worker since the 1960s. Students should provide examples of how these developments have changed from previous social work practice (A.C. 3.1. 280 words). • Students should then provide a conclusion of the main points of the essay. The conclusion should summarise the arguments used in the essay • The conclusion should have a word limit of 60 words Continued=>

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