Legislative Impact on Nursing

 Create a Website that includes: Each student will create a web page about an issue related to legislative policy that has an impact on nursing practice. Additionally an email to the appropriate legislator regarding the issue will be composed. The student can create the web page using the publication features of Word. The student is not required to publish the web page. 1. Description of legislative policy with negative or positive impact on nursing practice or public health. 2. Explanation of why the policy is harmful or helpful to the practice of nursing and ultimately to the delivery of quality patient care. 3. Impact of the policy from a cost perspective. 4. Recommendation(s) for policy revision or replacement Formulate a written email: 1. Written email template placed on the web page for those concerned to personalize and send to the appropriate legislator(s) outlining the issue and recommendation(s) for policy revision or replacement, and seeking their endorsement.

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