Warehousing: Explain the purpose of and the need to develop an

LO1: Understand the need and role of developing an appropriate warehouse policy AC

1.1 Explain the purpose of and the need to develop an appropriate warehouse policy (900 – 1000 words) AC

1.2 Analyse the impact of a warehouse policy on an organisation in order to plan, organise, direct and control warehouse operations (900 – 1000 words)

LO2: Understand the resource requirements of warehousing AC 2.1 Explain three different warehouse layouts, including the advantages and disadvantages of each (900 – 1000 words) AC 2.2 Describe the resource requirements in relation to the warehouse layouts explained in AC 2.1 (900 – 1000 words)

LO3: Understand the basic concept of inventory and the need to develop an inventory strategy AC 3.1 Discuss the importance of integrated supply chain strategies (900 – 1000 words) AC 3.2 Analyse an inventory strategy plan within the supply chain network of an organisation (900 – 1000 words) • To satisfy all the Learning Outcomes you will need to meet all of the Assessment Criteria (AC) above. Next to each of the above Assessment Criteria, is the word count for that AC. 

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