Proposal Solution: This proposal must be specific, reasonable,

The goal is 1) To further strengthen the company and offer a means to further improve upon it. 2) Include a number of secondary sources to support the framework of the proposal. Clearly identify the audience for your proposal, then use the strategies the most effective in accomplishing your goals. 3) this proposal must be specific, reasonable, actionable, and practical for that company. 4) Timelines and budgets must be part of this proposal, and visual aids should be used to help explain or clarify your proposal. 5) Counterarguments, in an effort to avoid the logical fallacy of slanting, should also be part of the response. Here’s an outline:

1) Executive Summary 2) Problem Description – Gap has lack of their design styles or trends that suitable for young generation. Their apparel is too basic. – Lack of online stores. 3) Solution Description – Collaboration with high end brands like Moschino, chanel, louis Vuitton, supreme, etc. This budget would be the collaboration campaign with high end designer fashion and also designing clothes that would be able to target the youth and keeps up with trends. – Partnering up with other online stores that have strong base such as amazon can also help the company to improve sales. Nowdays, online store can track what consumers want or the sale that they are looking for, etc. Customers who shop online have an option of in-store pick-up This would offer consumers incentives to receive goods faster and save of shipping costs if their purchase does not qualify for free shipping. If pick-up

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