GROUP STAGES – Define each stage and what occur during each stage.

As a group you must attend an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Meeting and get literature for the group. While observing the group you must report on:

1) THE LEADER- what leadership qualities does the leader have? How do they command the room? Whate is their leadership style? How did the leader address strong personalities?

2) GROUP DYNAMICS- What are the demographics of the group? Is there a stand our personality? What type of group was it? How often does the group meet?

3) GROUP STAGES – Define each stage and what occur during each stage. Give example of how the group moved through the stages. Where there ice breakers? Where there any evaluations?

4)CONCLUSION – What could have been done differently? As a group what were your challenges in making this project work? How did your group move through the stages of completing this project?

5) EVALUATION – There are 4 members in your group , come up with an evaluation form template that you would use if you were evaluating each other base on what a team member contributes to the project.

6) PROJECT FEEDBACK – Your evaluation form will evaluate the overall effectivesness of this project. Your focus should be on what you got out of it as a group? What would you have done differently if you were assigning this Project? Did this project allow you to practice what you learned this semester, how /and why? Write a minimum of 5 to 7 pages which does not include your abstract page and you reference page.

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