Develop a media object and a 1000 word supporting statement

Course work 2: Develop a media object and a 1000 word supporting statement (50% of the mark)

You are a freelance nutrition professional and have been approached by a public facing health company to produce a media resource. The resource can be available to access online or be downloadable for their users. The purpose of the resource is to educate readers on a relevant food topic. Please choose one of the following audiences for your resource: –

Overweight older children 8-11 (OR)

Night shift workers

In your 1000 word supporting statement you must:

outline of the evidence based rationale for the chosen food topic

background information on your target audience

critically appraise an existing media resources which is aimed at your target audience  

outline the aims and objectives of your resource

discuss the media, communication or educational theory you have used to develop your resource

include a downloadable/ accessible link to your resource in the appendix of the supporting statement. 

critically reflect upon the role of the use of media to disseminate nutritional information.

Your media object:

this should be accessed via a website or a downloadable resource. 

media platforms you may want to consider using are: adobe voice, sway, slate, prezzi, youtube video, powtoon, word document, poster, news article etc

the approximate attention span of most users is 15 minutes therefore they should be able to access all of the information they need in 15 minutes. 

ensure your media resource is relevant to your target audience and pitched at the appropriate level


Recommended Reading


Essential Reading


Bad Science (2009) Goldacre, B. London. Harper Perennial

Recommended reading


Aim for the heart: write, shoot, report and produce for tv and multimedia (2012) Thompkins, AL. London.  Sage


Journalism ethics and regulation (2011) Frost, C. Harlow. Pearson


Journalism: Critical issues (2005) Allan, S. Maidenhead. Open university press


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