Critically explore how the voice and expertise, and choice and

How can Inter-Professional Working be made inclusive, effective and ethical? Critically explore how the voice and expertise, and choice and decision making can be centred around people who use services as experts by experience.

Specific Assessment Criteria:

Students will provide an excellent appraisal of communication and interpersonal skills they have applied in a professional context, demonstrating excellent critical reasoning skills. Focused and justified recommendations will be made as to how problems/weaknesses identified may be overcome. Extensive research demonstrating use of a wide range of current secondary research sources will be evident. Academic style and referencing will be excellent. Directly relevant to title. Expertly addresses the assumptions of the title and/or the requirements of the brief.

Demonstrates an exceptional knowledge/understanding of theory and practice for this level through the identification and critical analysis of the most important issues and themes. Makes exceptional use of appropriate arguments and/or theoretical models. Demonstrates some distinctive or independent thinking. Presents an exceptional critical analysis of the material resulting in clear, logical and original conclusions. Coherently articulated and logically structured. An appropriate format is used. The presentational style & layout is correct for the type of assignment. Effective inclusion of figures, tables, plates (FTP). An exceptionally well written answer with standard spelling and grammar. Style is clear, resourceful and academic. Sources accurately cited in the text. A wide range of contemporary and relevant references cited in the reference

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