Reputation management in the digital age

Description The theme should be related to reputation marketing, so looking at either how brands want to be viewed by consumers and what they don’t what consumers to know (how tech exposes) or how corporates in general perceive brand image using technology (for marketing,manufacturing, etc). Also, provide a primary research you will create your own views on a contemporary issue relevant to one of the following macro themes: Reputation Management in the digital age include relevant models, theories and concepts appropriate and relevant for all aspects of analysis By adopting the relevant tone, style and presentation format of the selected publication, your article will critically examine how the chosen contemporary issues affects marketing within a global context and using examples. Your article should discuss and apply theoretical concepts and frameworks outlined in the unit or in the recommended readings. Primary research should entail interviewing key stakeholder(s), not consumers. Findings should be used to inform your analysis and discussion. Submission Requirements Any sources referred to in the article must be cited in the text and listed in the Reference List (not included in the word count), following the Harvard Referencing method. Your article should include subheadings and visuals; Indicative structure: Headline, standfirst, main body (structure and language as per publication style guidelines), reference list, and appendix (you must include the interview transcripts in the appendix).

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