1.Select a topic addressed in psychology. It may be best to begin with a broad topic and then narrow your focus ( e.g. go from memory to memory in late adulthood. from learning to learning languages to effects of bilingual education program on learning, from autism to the effects of autism on the family). The general information on your topic which you gather from a variety of sources may be broad but it is likely that the information you find in the context of a peer reviewed article will be more specific and focused on a single sub area or topic. 2.Your paper should include the following: a. A brief introduction to the topic – a half page in length. b. A personal reflection/discussion of their own experience (e.g., “I have always wondered why I have so much difficulty remembering……… or my experience with bilingual education when I went to school was …….. – one page in length. c A brief interview with another person about this topic – one page in length.( e.g. an adult individual who works with older adults with memory problems living with some one with Alzheimer’s, a bilingual educator or an adult learning who learned English as a second language) d. A critical synthesis and summary of the major findings from your readings. This might include the answers to the questions you posed to yourself when thinking about this assignment. Then tie the research, reflection, and interview together – That is, put the reflection and interview in the context of what we know scientifically. If the research conflicts with personal experience or the interview, try to explain why– two pages in length.e.A brief conclusion that examines current thinking related to this topic– a half page in length. 3.You must use three references including at least one peer reviewed research article in preparing this paper. Judicious use of the internet is required. You may use websites but be cautious. You may not count the textbook or any other textbook as one of your references 4. Format. a. The paper must be 5 pages in length, not counting title page, references, or appendix. b. A separate reference page is required. c. All pages should be numbered, margins should be one inch, and the font should be 12-point (Times, Times New Roman). d. Students must attach an appendix with their interview questions and notes. e. Papers must use APA format for in-text citation and complete references at the end of the paper


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