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 1- This is an argumentative letter based on an article named “The Unpopularlity of female politicians has everything to do with sexism” https://thewalrus.ca/the-unpopularity-of-female-politicians-has-everything-to-do-with-sexism/ 2- The arguments could be supporting the author’s opinion or non supporting or somewhere in between. You can only develop your argument by examples/sources from Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of the following book ” Women , Power and public policy” ( I will be attaching both chapters as pdf) PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES Except those chapters. 3- References in APA format, length 800 words 4- Further Guidlines : – Begin the letter by introducing the author and title of the article, and the general topic that the article addresses – The next paragraph should include a brief summary of the journalist’s claims that you plan to respond to in the letter. Here, you do not include your assessment of the author’s views/claims. Your task is to accurately summarize WHAT the author is saying. You will be assessed on how well you summarize the central claims of the author, and whether you can distinguish the author’s central claims from her/his subordinate claims/examples. In this paragraph, direct quoting should be kept to a minimum and the majority of the summary should be a paraphrase of the article. – The remainder of the letter should discuss your assessment of the article. Some questions you might ask as you develop your analysis include: Do you agree and/or disagree with the author? Why? What is missing from the article? What does the author overlook that might change or alter the analysis she or he provides? If we took this new information into account, how might it alter the way we understand whatever topic the article addresses? You must draw from the course readings to support your assessment. If you agree or disagree with the author, what evidence can you find in the readings to support this position? If you think the author overlooks an important aspect of the topic, how do the readings remedy this absence? This evidence should be incorporated into your assessment. This part of the letter/blog should be composed of multiple paragraphs, and will be assessed based on the quality of the argument it advances. – The conclusion should concisely re-state your argument, and highlight the significance of your position. In other words, it should address the question: Who cares?

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