pharmacological agents

Description Most Important points to include in the paper: 1.)Identifies the pharmacological agents most often used in the treatment of a disease or health condition and explains how the agents are typically used. 2.)Explains the types of actions, side effects, indications, and contraindications that may be expected from a pharmacological treatment and discusses which may be serious or life threatening (or both). 3.)Describes the treatment regime, including pharmacology, most often prescribed for a disease or health condition and explains how non-pharmacological treatments work in tandem with pharmacological treatments. 4.)Describes how a treatment regime, including pharmacology, may impact all aspects of a client’s lifestyle, including diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, moods, pain, memory, et cetera. 5.)Describes how to monitor a client following a prescribed treatment regime, including pharmacology, in order to obtain a quality patient outcome and identifies specific warning signs that may require intervention. 6.)Explains the controversies related to a pharmacological agent and compares the benefits to the risks.

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