Logic Model Framework

The logic model framework will serve as the foundation for the proposed program. It should clearly illustrate the pathways through which the program will have its intended impact. The framework should represent the logic sequence of inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts. Other criteria used for grading the framework will be plausibility of pathway action and feasibility of program implementation.

1. Logic model explanation (2-3 pages) (40%) a. Description of broad strategies (categories of activities) and associated activities b. Elaborate on the details of how this program will be implemented, how it will unfold logically to accomplish your aims c. Include information on how you will recruit participants and market your program d. Explain from where your strategy(ies) is adopted, how you are tailoring it to your target audience, and/or why you are not tailoring e. Explain briefly your outputs and outcomes How did you chose your objectives’ targets. References- include at least one reference after Objectives heading (AMA style) to indicate where you are getting your benchmarks, trends, or statistics. 2. Goal(s) and objectives (1-1.5 page) (20%) a. Goal(s)- reflect expected program impact(s) on larger health problem over the long-term i. One is fine, no more than

2 b. Process objectives- reflect program implementation process (5-6 process objectives). You should have at least 2 output objectives among the 5-6 process objectives. i. Use Issel template [By WHEN, WHICH STAFF will do WHAT, to WHAT EXTENT] ii. Set targets using benchmarks, trends or statistical change 1. May adapt from similar interventions iii. Apply SMART criteria [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeoriented] c. Outcome objectives- reflect the short, medium, and longer-term outcomes resulting from the program (5-6 objectives) i. Use Issel template ii. Set targets iii. Apply SMART criteria 3. Logic Model (30%) a. Content i. Are all necessary components present [inputs, activities/strategies, outputs, outcomes] + [assumptions] ii. Does logic model represent the proposed program in a comprehensive manner b. Logic i. Do components link in a causal pathway from inputs to outcomes? 1. Does every activity link to an output 2. Do all outputs link to short-term outcomes 3. Can long-term outcomes be traced backwards to intermediate, short term outcomes c. Format i. Do arrows flow neatly ii. Is model easily comprehensible by third party? 4. Grammar/conventions/references (10%) a. Current references/strategies cited for strategies, targets, AMA or APA citation style. b. Spelling, word choice, grammar

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