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Create website on the Impact of nurse to patient ratios in the state of Florida as well as write a letter to my state legislature on the issue. Florida legislature. The argument is for a policy/bill for set nurse to patient ratios like there are in other states. Below you will find components that must be included on the website. – Description of legislative policy with negative or positive impact on nursing practice or public health -Explanation of why the policy is harmful or helpful to the practice of nursing and ultimately to the delivery of quality patient care. -Impact of the policy from a cost perspective. -Recommendation(s) for policy revision or replacement.  If more is needed please let me know. https://susabeda.wixsite.com/legislative/blank-2 https://emilypittsley.wixsite.com/hpvnur512/legislation https://bjrogers9.wixsite.com/website-1/get-involved If you need clarification please message me. The examples should explain what type of information is needed.

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