“How can Health Informatics help in the detection, treatment,

provide 20 referenced citations in APA format.  “How can Health Informatics help in the detection, treatment, prevention efforts related to opioid use disorder (OUD) and addiction?” – What happens to a patient w/Opioid Use Disorder at each stage along the continuum of care? How are they triaged, tracked, managed? Is there a prescribed plan? o First responder – Overdose/Disturbance  Police  EMS  Emergency Department (ED) o Hospital o Detox o Treatment Facility o Primary Care o After Care o Halfway House/Sober Home – What technologies are being used along the continuum of care? o Wearables o Bioinformatics o Data Collection o Machine learning o ECHO  http://ne.himsschapter.org/sites/himsschapter/files/8_45am_New%20England%20HIMSS_ECHO%20to%20Address%20Opioid%20Epidemic%20Final.pdf o Clinical Decision Support o Evidence-based Medicine o Care Plans o Predictive Analytics o Middleware o Automated Referral Systems – Compare/Contrast (With/without technology) o Relapse rate o Mortality rate o Overdose (OD) rate Finally – Conclusion/Recommendations – How can care among these entities be (better) coordinated? – Is there a particular technology proven to be more effective than others?

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