Description In Being Mortal, how do you think what Bill Thomas put into place at “his” nursing home changes benefited the patients? Thomas mentions the idea of the “Three Plagues.” What are the “Three Plagues” and how do the changes combat the “Three Plagues?” What parts of the patient’s life are improved (well-being, independence, etc.) due to these changes? Thomas also says, “I was confusing care with treatment,” how do his changes focus more on patient care then patient treatment? Use examples from the text. Pick one of the disorders described in the Hooyman chapter and discuss what surprised you about the disorder, its treatment, Be specific! Readings: Hooyman, Chapter 4 Mental and Emotional Well-Being Gawande, A. (2014). Being Mortal, Chapters 5–6 Shmotkin, D., Shrira, A., Eyal, N., Blumstein, T., & Shorek, A. (2013). The prediction of subjective wellness among the old-old: Implications for the “fourth-age” conception. Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 69(5), 719-729. Grenier, A., Lloyd, L., and Phillipson, C. (2017). Precarity in late life: rethinking dementia as a “frailed” old age. Sociology of Health and Illness, 39(2), 318–330.


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