Dear Mayra

Requirements: • One Inch Margins • 12 pt Font • Times New Roman • Single Spaced • Letter Format • 1 page Pre-Work: Read workshop story Due Dates: • Every workshop Workshop Letters Deeply engaging with your classmates’ work can be as beneficial to your writing as having your own work discussed. Think of your workshop letter as a note to the author from another author involved in the same struggle to create well-crafted stories. Constructive feedback, at its best, makes an author excited to return to their work. The format of this piece is letter form starting with “Dear ____.” The first paragraph should focus on what should be celebrated about the story: what you like, what’s working, what’s unique and great about this piece. The second and third paragraph should hone in on key concepts we’ve discussed throughout the semester in the vein of how we can make this story better. Think of plot, pacing, tone, voice, scope, characterization, big voice vs small voice, imagery, stakes, plot holes, character shift, etc. Anything that’s not perfect with the story that can be maximized or fixed. What is your solution to these problems? Remember, we’re always on the side of writing here. We’re not here to completely rewrite the story away from what the writer intended. Go into as much detail as possible and avoid simple down-draft critiques like “this word was misspelled” etc. Misspellings happen on the first draft. It’s okay. Last paragraph(s): Commend the writer for their work. It takes incredible bravery to put your work out there in the way we do. Let the writer know what the path forward looks like and celebrate some other aspects of the story you may not have mentioned in the first paragraph. These letters will be graded on a check +/- scale. Extraordinary, insightful critiques that are respectful in tone receive check +’s. Solid, constructive critiques that are overall respectful in tone will receive a check. Underdeveloped and/or disrespectful or intentionally hurtful critiques will receive a check –.

#Dear #Mayra

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