Criminal Law: Crimes Against People

Select one standard crime against persons such as: Assault Rape Kidnapping Battery Any standard crime against persons Select a state to research Select a state statute to research the elements for the selected crime. The Legal Research link provides instructions in conducting research in locating state statutes. The Webliography area of the course and the McAfee online Library can be used as well along with any reliable criminal justice resource.

For the selected state, write a description of the elements of the current state statute for that crime Research historical common law and write a description of the elements of the crime under based on historical common law. Compare how the elements of the crime have changed from the historical common law to the current state statute. Discuss possible reasons for the changes from the historical common law to the current state statute. Suggest new changes in the statute, based on society’s needs today. Include specific examples from personal experience or current events. Research requirements: Include 3-4 sources other than the text book Create in-text citations and reference page, using APAFormat Paper Includes properly APA formatted title page, abstract, introduction, appropriate headings, conclusion. Includes properly formatted in-text citations and reference page, using APA style

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