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 For the parts that can be made up they can. Also Instead of an abstract page you can just count it as another page ? That too with the plagiarism report 1.)Why are you interested in attending CSSI? (150 word max limit) 2.)How were you first introduced to computer science? (150 word max limit)  This can be in relation to a project, extracurricular activity, work, etc. (200 word max limit) 3.)Pitch an idea for an app that would help with sustainability (examples could be recycling, food waste or energy). What features would it have and how would it positively impact the user of the app? (200 word max limit)<< This would keep the economy’s younger and financially troubled people able to invest into apartments and keep that a more stable source of money. 4.)Say you are trying to upload a photo to share with a photo sharing app. You see a non-specific error message, like “Sorry, something went wrong.” List all the ways you can think of to try to fix or work around the error. (200 word max limit) 5.)Part of the consideration for receiving the Generation Google Scholarship is financial need. Please describe your financial need for this scholarship and what it would enable you to accomplish in your academic career. (200 word max limit)

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