Biblical Evaluation of Leadership and Management Theories

Description C. Discussion Board Forum Annotated Bibliography: Biblical Evaluation of Leadership and Management Theories Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student will use this forum to discover how to evaluate leadership/ management theories using biblical strategies. This assignment will include 4 sources, a 400-word summary of each source, and use current APA format This is an individual assignment. D. The Leaders Mind: A Biblical Mindset Examining Contingency Theories: Point-Counterpoint-Biblical Viewpoint This assignment will stimulate critical thinking by allowing students to see 4 sides of a leadership/management controversy. Each student will choose 2 contingency theories and write about each contingency theory providing these 4 viewpoints on the theory; Point, Counterpoint, Biblical Viewpoint, and New Insight. E. The Leader’s Identity: Character, Personal and Interpersonal Skills, the Relational School This assignment will help students develop an inside-out, principle-centered approach to leadership on the personal, interpersonal, managerial, and organizational levels by self-reflection. Conduct a leadership SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis on yourself. BMAL 702 Course Syllabus Page 4 of 6 F. The Leader as a Team Player: Shared Leadership This assignment proposes leadership and management relationships with business constructs. Write a paper with these 5 parts: (1) Describe Shared Leadership theory. (2) Evaluate its effectiveness according to biblical principles. (3) Discuss its strengths and weaknesses according to scholarly literature. (4) Develop a case study where you apply Shared Leadership. (5) Provide new thoughts related to this topic. G. The Leaders Standing: Power, Pride and Organizational Politics This assignment examines the effective use of power, avoidance of pride and handling organizational politics. Compare, contrast and evaluate what scholarly leadership literature vs. the Bible says about power, pride, and organizational politics. H. The Leader’s Challenge: Bringing Order Out of Chaos In this assignment primary leadership and management theories will be evaluated and applied to rescue organizations from out of a crisis. I. Abridged Literature Review: Hybrid Integrative Perspectives Review the Measurable Syllabus Outcomes and write an abridged literature review that critically evaluates a leadership topic of current interest. This literature review should synthesize and integrate key findings and theories from literature, including the Bible, on your topic of choice. J. The Leader’s Assessment: Organizational Culture In this assignment a cultural assessment will be performed examining critical factors in cultures where Autocratic Leadership is prevalent vs. Servant Leadership.

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