Austen’s use of irony in her novel offers important insights to her

Topic 2:

Austen’s use of irony in her novel offers important insights to her attitude about life through the experiences of her characters. What does Austen have to say about women, class mobility, and marriage based in the experiences of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice? What did Elizabeth Bennet experience and what lessons did she “learn”? Can any of those lessons be applied to the experiences of women today? Why or why not?



Topic 3:

The rigid class system of Jane Austen’s world obligated women to marry if they wished to improve their status in life. Yet the experiences of women such as Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice showed that the marriage and the prospect of marriage had its downsides as well. Who or what is really to blame in Mrs. Bennet’s marriage? Remember to find and mention appropriate chapters from the novel.



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Writing Your Paper: An Introduction

This course requires that you write a four-to-five page, double spaced, typed, final paper which will be in essay form. Writing an essay of this nature takes some time and effort, which is especially true in writing an English literature essay. You will find the following information helpful when planning, organizing, and writing your paper.


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