Skills and vision for a life of purpose

This is your personal and professional mission statement in alignment with your skills and vision for a life of purpose. In addition to your mission statement, please make sure your paper addresses the following questions: Use all in-class materials, exercises, and discussions – the book used was “Leadership Northouse” Ch 1-10 ISBN 9781506362311 Your paper must cite at least 4 scholarly (trustworthy) sources in addition to Northouse. ✓ What are your unique gifts, passions, and circumstances?

✓ What do you stand for? What are the major values that guide your decisions? ✓ How do these values relate to major ethical theories? What has led you to identify with these values? ✓ What possible ethical challenges do you foresee in your chosen career? How will you handle them and why? Relate these decisions to ethical theory. ✓ What is your understanding of leadership and your role as a leader? Cite Northouse and any other related literature here.

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