Project on logistical arrangement

You have won a project to manage the logistical arrangement. Explain on the project details and formulate the specific relevant task on the project planning. Can find other case study for this task or select one of below logistical projects:

1. Megasteel Sdn Bhd offers cut sheet, silted coil, steel strapping and compressor bodies for the air-conditioning industry, motor vehicle, electric and electronic components and appliances and building material industries. This organization has received a large order to supply the manufacturer products to the air-conditioning industry within 3 months. Therefore, the organization purchase 20,000 tons raw material from Yokohama Japan. Megasteel is located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia and outsourced the logistics activities to FM Global Logistics Sdn Bhd. You are the logistics manager of FM Global Logistics Sdn Bhd responsible to manage this booking.

2. Proton Berhad offers exclusive Proton Perdana in 2016 for Malaysian market. This organization has received a large order to supply 5000 unit of proton perdana to Malaysian Police Force within 3 months. Proton is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia and outsource the logistics activities to Sime Darby Logistics Sdn Bhd for the distribution activity. You are the logistics manager of Sime Darby Logistics Sdn Bhd responsible to manage this booking. Writer should inform which project chosen or if a new project is chosen, kindly provide info immediately so that the same research can be done on the same topic. References format is APA with citation and with format retrieved from… (web link) on… (date)… Expected skeleton f essay: a) Introduction (10%) b) Content (60% with each point carrying 10%max) c) Conclusion & Recommendation (10%) d) References (5%) – cittion, retrieved from… on… e) Other point attributed by total presentation, grammar, creativity

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