Part I- locate 4 scholarly articles related to your intended

Part I- locate 4 scholarly articles related to your intended Concept topic(Nursing stress in the Emergency care unit). Indicate where you obtained the article (ex- journal, online journal, book, etc) and correctly format the 4 articles as a reference list.Please save your file as:


part II

 correctly format the following sources as an APA reference list.

journal Article

Emergency Global Issues: A Nurse’s Role by Cole Edmondson, Cindy McCarthy, Silvia Trent-Adams, Cindy McCain, June Marshall.  Published in The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing – January 2017 – Volume 22 – Issue 1, Manuscript 2.  DOI: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol22No01Man02


 Wong’s Essentials in Pediatric Nursing- Tenth edition – By Marilyn Hockenberry, David Wilson, Cheryl Rodgers – 2016 – Elsevier – St. Louis, Missouri 

Chapter from an Edited Book 

Chapter 4 – Education of the Emergency Nurse – By Nicholas A. Nelson – pp. 59-65 – name of book, Emergency Nursing: The Profession, The Pathway, and The Practice – editor = Jeff Solheim. 2016 – Sigma Theta Tau International, Indianapolis, Indiana


Off the Charts: Blog of the American Journal of Nursing, author Jacob Molyneux, Hospital Closing Hit Rural Communities Hard, But Aren’t Inevitable, published September 26, 2017,

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